The Bowery Ballroom
The Ludlow Thieves

The Ludlow Thieves

Fri, January 13, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Bowery Ballroom

New York, NY


This event is 18 and over

Pre-Show (7pm-8pm) & Post-Show Happy Hour in the Lower Level Lounge

The Ludlow Thieves
The Ludlow Thieves
Staggering from the wreckage of a car accident that claimed seven lives and left him the sole survivor, The Ludlow Thieves’ front man, Danny Musengo, had a shift in perspective. He was finished working the midnight shift at a gas station on a highway in Iowa; he was moving to NYC and dedicating himself to music. Having grown up singing gospel songs in his church, music was where he found peace and purpose, especially after the accident.

The Ludlow Thieves are the realization of the sound, sensation, and dedication he had been pursuing since the accident.

Dan Teicher, the band’s guitarist and producer, had been looking—albeit, impatiently—for the right band for his entire life. With a master’s degree in classical music composition, he honed his craft while biding his time. He scoured NYC for band mates with similarly outsized ambitions that were capable of the enormous sound he dreamt of.

At a party, DT asked a friend if he knew any singers with a unique voice. The friend passed along the contact info for Danny Musengo, describing his sound as “Rod Stewart on two packs of smokes.” Within weeks, DT, Danny, and original drummer Walker Adams were hard at work on The Ludlow Thieves, a moniker DT had cooked up while writing songs that would appear on the band’s debut.

The Ludlow Thieves began welcoming a revolving cast of hoodlums to flesh out their sound; singers, pianists, string ensembles, orchestral brass players, jazz trumpeters and saxophonists, and countless others. Slowly but surely, however, a few musicians emerged from these experiments as more than just special featured guests; they were part of the band before DT and Danny even realized it.

DT had begun to date Laura Martin just as the Thieves were forming. One night, they went to karaoke with friends and the room fell silent when Laura performed a jaw dropping version of a Bonnie Raitt tune. DT invited her to sing back up parts on some recordings, and after hearing her parts, Danny invited her to join the band on stage. Since then, her role has evolved into the part of a second singer within the band and her voice has become the perfect counterpoint to Danny’s raspy, singular growl. Her presence allows the band a much wider musical and emotional palette.

Isamu McGregor was brought on board for a single gig by the band’s original drummer—but in rehearsals, DT and Danny realized the depth of Isamu’s musicality and his malleability of style, and the band realized that he could do more than an army full of other musicians in developing the Thieves sound. He is the special sauce (our Garth Hudson).

He also found the band's newest (and raddest) additions, Amando Lo on violin and Bruno Esrubilsky on drums. Since joining, the band has skyrocketed to new heights and found new sounds that they never imagined possible.

Together, the band has sculpted tunes equally at home in Nashville and Brooklyn. With a sound that is as enormous as it is exuberant, the music’s intensity can be traced back to a highway in Iowa where gratitude and purpose ignited a band.

The sound is occasionally lush and often covered in dust; it is a rustic exploration of the grand and the intimate through an American lens.

DT says the band has exciting developments ahead ; “The band feels fully formed, fully developed, and like we are on some kind of amazing mission. We are recording new music, creating some videos for our tunes, and our shows have become hurricanes of tsunami eruptions and feel like stampedes of wild rhinos in ballerina costumes. It is so freakin’ fun right now, and we are so freakin’ excited for what is on the burner right now.”
Venue Information:
The Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St
New York, NY, 10002