The Bowery Ballroom
Psychic Ills

Psychic Ills

White Hills, Prince Rupert's Drops, DJ Mike Newman of Beyond Beyond is Beyond

Thu, February 7, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Bowery Ballroom

New York, NY

This event is 18 and over

Psychic Ills
Psychic Ills
Hypnotic, elusive New York experimental rock band Psychic Ills took shape in 2003,
when they pressed their own 7" and started playing shows. They’ve remained ambiguous
and often hard to classify through the years as they’ve traversed a variety of musical
terrain and personnel changes. Recently, Tres Warren, Elizabeth Hart and co. have
emerged with a seemingly more streamlined and accessible approach to their original
blend of music as displayed on their record Hazed Dream for new label Sacred Bones

“Faced with a deluge of groove based psych, many listeners failed to notice Psychic
Ills peculiar idiosyncrasy, and they got subsumed. Now that all is quiet, or quieter, on
the kaleidoscopic rock front, it's easier to hear the radical economy that sets them apart.
While most freaked-out churners give in to the temptation to throw everything into the
cauldron and boil, Psychic Ills cherry-pick their ingredients and slow roast till golden... a
mirror in a desert gently turning in the breeze” – The Wire Magazine

Psychic Ills have been releasing assorted hazy slabs of vinyl since 2004, but most people
know these NYC transplants from their '06 proper debut LP Dins, a crashing storm of
noise and pop that bent shoegazer techniques through a perma-stoned, cult-like filter that
could burn holes through apartment walls. Following that came an extended period of
self-discovery through abstraction, with recorded documents that went further out, dug
way down, captured the band at practice and left us to sort it out for ourselves. Hazed
Dream marks a return to form, then, at least one of a band that's trying to write pop songs
in the three-to-four minute range with some degree of success. All of the excess is burned
off here like dust in votive candles strewn across the hardwood floor. Energy levels
never rise above a browned-out choogle, but that's alright, the Ills finding a niche for
themselves between Opal's Happy Nightmare Baby, Spacemen 3 demos, and the sunrise
that greets us each morning. This is a supremely burnt, incredibly cool album based
on repetitive concepts, blues riffage, and dark sunglasses, content to purr along while
the world races past. It'll make the mood juuuuuuust right wherever you are.” -- Doug
Mosurock, Dusted Magazine/Other Music.
White Hills
White Hills
A label like "space-rock" deserves music that's as nuanced and limitless-feeling as space, and space-rock deserves a band like White Hills. Not only do they add urgency to familiar psychedelic rock templates, but they pay just as close attention to the quiet moments as the raging ones-- each track on their self-titled Thrill Jockey debut displays a careful layering of sounds and atmospheres.-Pitchfork

White Hills have shaken up the space-rock box, and shown that the patterns you can make therein are as infinite as the stars.-The Quietus

If only it had more than two members — White Hills and fellow travellers Oneida — we could cite a Brooklyn space-rock movement, raising the 1970s sonic sublime. Nonetheless, here’s an arch retooling of Hawkwind’s speed-freak psychedelia, those relentless motorised grooves and fuzzy tsunamis of sound shaped and shifted and stretched to breaking point by sassy New Yorkers. Let the Right One In even dares 13 pastoral minutes in the vein of early Pink Floyd, while We Will Rise’s pendulous emptiness echoes the Stooges’ cavernous We Will Fall. White Hills dumb down determinedly to discover their inner ape, and nibble the fringes of greatness.-The London Sunday Times

Like wandering in a dense and druggy fog, White Hills’ self-titled album is like a stoner rock beacon, hypnotically guiding the listener with layer upon layer of fuzz and reverb to some unknown

A real contender for psych-rock single of the year, this 7" finds two of today's foremost acts in the field (White Hills and Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno) taking on classic Hawkwind material. 'Brainstorm' is ravaged by AMT, who thrash out in fine style with an expanded arsenal of swooping oscillators and spooky theremin-style pitchshifting. It's an absolute riot, but White Hills prove themselves to be more than a match, tearing 'Be Yourself' a new one (to coin a phrase) laying on the fuzz by the barrow-load, cutting through the fudge with some class-A shred and all-round soloing majesty. Oof...-Bookmat

Heads On Fire throws down grungy distorted layers of sludge that relentlessly churn along. It's neither subtle nor pretty, but god damn it rocks. They take the space rock template and inject it with a battered fucked-up New York punk spirit. -Drowned In Sound

White Hills is turning out to be quite the surprise of the year. After killing earlier in the year with Glitter Glamour Atrocity and releasing a comparable tour CD, the band has fired back again with the UK release of Heads on Fire. The latest release is just as much of a pummeling psych juggernaut as the rest; merging the Hawkwind style space jams with a tight groove of blistery guitars and trembling bass. The band are waving the Space Rock banner high and proud which has already garnered them support from legends in the field such as Julian Cope, for whom they've opened in the UK. The latest album, despite the relentless output this year shows no trace of being leftovers, but instead another album full of thick plumes of ash and turbulent waves of cosmic radiation. The band thrive in making the calm moments exceedingly liquid while still having a knack for fierce waves of noise ridden psych that leaves the space behind and burns like the earth's core. Given the band's current direction I fully expect to see great things from them in the future. -Raven Sings The Blues

'Heads on Fire' left me completely satiated, having taken me places I'd never expected to go. It's wonderful to discover a band who so wholeheartedly embrace the past without ever letting it constrain their vision for the future. I look forward to hearing more. -Nine Hertz

Their previous release,Glitter Glamour Atrocity, found the band experimenting around with a number of different styles from ambient to Krautrock to Spacemen 3 influenced rock, but on their latest outing, White Hills jettisons the experiments to totally consume themselves in balls to the wall, and yep, "heads on fire" total space rock. It's something like Hawkwind on steroids, with pounding drums and throbbing, catchy bass lines, whooshing space synths, barely heard mantra-like vocals, and of course, oodles and oodles of heavy, crushing, effects-laden guitars. -Aural Innovations

Space Rock fans should waste no time getting this album (HEADS ON FIRE). Farflung fans will LOVE this, as will anyone who digs the balls out space metallic jams of early Hawkwind. And solid production has helped White Hills create a MASSIVE sound that will knock you about like some cosmic sledgehammer. Highest recommendation -Roadburn
Prince Rupert's Drops
Prince Rupert's Drops
This Brooklyn-based group with a knack for suddenly showcases different instruments and styles plays rock music that keeps the audience dancing and guessing; one moment surprising with the arrival of a very forward sitar halfway through a song, and, in another, including an upbeat piano riff that paradoxically glides atop a dark, punk-influenced track.
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The Bowery Ballroom
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