The Bowery Ballroom
VHS Collection

VHS Collection

Paperwhite, Corbu

Sat, February 11, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Bowery Ballroom

New York, NY


This event is 18 and over

Pre-Show (7pm-8pm) & Post-Show Happy Hour in the Lower Level Lounge

VHS Collection
VHS Collection
“Wide Awake” is the first single off VHS Collection’s first full-length record, which will arrive in Spring of 2017. The band recorded “Wide Awake” in Brixton London in January during a two-week session with producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia, Friendly Fires).

VHS describes the track as “Dark Disco Rock” and says that the track signals a refined direction for the band in its energy, lyrical themes, and sound choices. Many of the signature themes and sounds from previous releases show up here including: New York City, desperate love, arpeggiated synths and funky bass lines. But this track goes deeper with a massive guitar hook, pumped up energy, and even darker lyrical themes than before.

“Wide Awake” is a party anthem, laced with dark undertones.”

2016 saw VHS Collection put two independently released singles on the Spotify Viral Charts (“Lean” #8; “Waiting on the Summer” #14). The band also performed at major festivals last year including slots at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, in addition to sold out shows on both coasts. VHS released its 2nd EP StereoHype last September which has been streamed over 5 million times to date. VHS has achieved all this while being remaining completely independent, with no record label or management.

VHS Collection is a synth rock band from New York City that has gained a reputation for high energy live performances and a unique blend of rock, electronic, and disco influences.

The band was formed in 2014 but the three members, James Bohannon, Conor Cook, and Nils Vanderlip have been playing music in one form or another since they were kids. Conor and James grew up across the street from each other in NYC and attended the same grade school where they began jamming on acoustic guitars; Nils and James met in high school, where they started their first band together and recorded their first album.

Years later, with all three members back in NYC, VHS pulled together a collection of electro-rock bedroom recordings and posted them on Soundcloud. Encouraged by the volume of hits the tracks received, VHS began performing a live set at friends’ parties and around NYC’s small clubs. 2015 saw multiple sold out nights for VHS at the Lower East Side’s indie-rock launching pad, the Mercury Lounge.

The band looks ahead to festival dates, a full length album, and a full tour in 2017.
Paperwhite, brother sister duo Katie and Ben Marshall, mix retro synth textures with modern pop songwriting. Collaborating since they could bang on pots and pans, Paperwhite is a band to look out for in 2014. Their new single "got me goin" will be released in late January.
Corbu is a lucid dream you never want to wake up from. A memory of faded colors. Warm light behind a neon sculpture. The green hue of the sky before an afternoon storm. A game of hide and seek. The thoughts you have that don't make sense, moments before you fall asleep. All of these seemingly mundane yet beautifully ordinary everyday experiences exist inside the universe that is Corbu and their debut LP, 'Crayon Soul,' due for release in spring 2016.
At times hazy and psychedelic, and at others glittering and electronic, 'Crayon Soul' was mixed by Dave Fridmann (Neon Indian, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala) and is littered with rising choruses that wash in and out over building bass lines like moving tides. The LP is the staggering follow up from two earlier EPs, 'We Are Sound' (2014), and 'Everything You Imagine Is Real' (2015) which drew attention from BBC Radio One's Zane Lowe, garnered a remix request from Jesse Ware, and hype from the likes of NYLON, Stereogum, The Guardian, NME and more.
Fronted by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Graves, accompanied by his creative partner Amanda, drummer Todd Hoellerman, and a rotating cast of musicians for a live experience, Corbu began when Jonathan started having lucid dreams at age 12. That, and when he heard 'Sgt. Pepper's' from the backseat of his parents' car. Together, Jonathan and Amanda create an all-encompassing synesthetic experience -- music to transport you somewhere else.
Crayon Soul is just that- a wild, internal journey through the darkest reaches of space and the vivid colors of a futuristic rebirth. "It's a journey through a series of 'gates,' or events that you pass through with the narrator," muses Graves of the album. "At each event, you change and shift into a new part of the story."
With each track on the record, the listener is one step closer to the narrator. Starting off with the transient and instrumental sounds of "Sirens" and easing into the funky bass lines of "Polygon Forest" and "Neon Hallway," Corbu guides us through a spiral galaxy of disjointed pop songs. As the album progresses into tracks like "Better Better Off" and "Battles," there's a more guitar driven aesthetic to the sound of 'Crayon Soul,' and eventually we catch up to the narrator with the perfectly placed blissful sounds of 'We Are Sound.' It's like you've arrived home after your journey, before the epilogue of "Dark Wave" -- an acoustic, hand-clapped-laden track with an impossibly infectious riff.
"There's something in there about the ability to see the 'colors and lines between the dots' -- the unseen connections between things," explains Jonathan. "Everyone has it when they're little. We have a tendency to become more closed off and lose that ability over time... like a superpower that wears off. I found myself writing about the struggle to remain vulnerable, to keep that way of seeing things." 'Crayon Soul' is an eye-opening trip -- the band has even put together an extensive coloring book for listeners to experience while they listen, and create the artwork for themselves.
A collection of fragmented pop songs, coated in a layer of audio aesthetics that crackle and glow like the movie "Tron" in 1982, 'Crayon Soul' is a dream that Corbu are helping you piece back together, bit by bit.
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The Bowery Ballroom
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